Sunday, 29 January 2012

7 Weeks and Counting

It is shocking that I haven’t lost it completely although I am sure I have lost it a bit. LOL. You see, we have been renovating our attic space of our house since August 2011. My husband and I have used that space as our master bedroom and closet since 2009 but after finding out we were pregnant in July 2011 the renovations started. We set out to transform the space we used for a closet into our new nursery and makeover the existing master.

The room with the exposed wood was the closet. The other room with the white paneling is the master bedroom. The stairs to enter the attic is right next to the bigger window with the black curtain on it.

We started the renos with ripping 3 huge holes into our roof. I wanted window put in that would be safer to escape in case of an emergency. So my wonderful father-in-law and his workers built us 3 dormers. I am telling you there is nothing like having a bunch of workers in your house while you are in your first trimester. You’re sleeping in your living room, exhausted, pucking and the house is filling up with every insect that just loved coming in through the big open holes. Yeah L

Next came installation. This part probably took the longest. I wasn’t able to help due to having some back issues. Jon’s job was switching to flat rate so he was working overtime like crazy. He was still trying to be a good Dad and spend some time with his kids. To say the least it took till the end of December 2011 to finish. It has made a HUGE difference though. We used to have to sleep with a heater on, several blankets on the bed and we insulated the walls by hanging winter coats up. It looked ridicules but you just got to do what you got to do.

All of January 2012 my husband has spent every hour he can putting up the pine on the nursery walls. This has been tricky. He gets home from work at 6:00, we eat and then he goes up and works till 8:00. This is when he needs to tuck in and pray with each kid. After that he can’t work due to all the noise he makes.

Now we are officially 7 weeks away from our newest little girl being due. Today Jon is about a week behind were he would like to be. But he is trying to make the best of it. He and Big C are bonding through working together to finish the last bit of touches before painting in the nursery. After this week we will switch all of our stuff and nursery stuff into the nursery. Jon will then start to board up the walls in the master. He is hoping to have painted the few pieces of furniture that need paint and have the master bedroom’s walls up and painted by the end of February. We also have A and Big C birthday coming up so renos will need to go on hold so we can through a dance party in our basement.

There it is our family challenge for the next 5 weeks. I may still completely lose it. Managing all three kids by myself 8 months pregnant and not getting the quality time with my husband I really love having. But the outcome of having the renos done before baby comes will definitely be worth it!

This happened just under a year ago but I love it because it is just one of those moments:
As Big C practises throwing his hat on his head, he asks me if he can take it to school to impress the ladies. I then tell him he is way too young to impress the ladies being only 10. He then response with "Mom, God can do anything.”
Oh the faith of a young boy.

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  1. I just realized you started this. Being so far away I love reading these stories. I miss you guys so, so much!! Praying it will all come together just in time. At the very least...I am praying for you and Jon's sanity. ;)