Saturday, 13 October 2012

End the Wait

We are now less then a week away from the End the Wait Seminar that is coming to our church in Saskatoon. I am so looking forward to this night. I have a spirit of expectation in the Lord to see the Holy Spirit move in this province towards those waiting for their forever families.

It was shortly after Jon and I adopted our oldest two that we heard an interview on the radio with the couple who started the ministry. It moved in our hearts, they were talking about families similar to ours, about other people who have been blessed to have their families grow in this way, and about this amazing way God is moving through adoption to bring more closer to Him. I then looked up the site and registered to get their email newsletter.

I loved that they were not just about those who are wanting or have adopted but for all of the church. It is about God's calling to take care of those kids who don't have anyone who can support and love them but also about taking care of the families who walk this journey of adoption and fostering. We were so blessed by the overwhelming support we received through our families, friends, the kid's foster family and our church. I cannot imagine if we didn't receive such support. It hasn't been perfect though, some people don't understand or have been educated wrong on the issue. It has been amazing how the Lord has moved my heart to educating others to grow and understand this thing called adoption. This is why I am so excited for End the Wait, I feel this is their heart also.  

I waited patiently to find out if they would be touring again this year (they didn't come to Saskatchewan the first tour). It was in one of their email newsletters that they shared that they were planning for another tour come fall. I jumped to the opportunity to be involved in someway. I shared what I have seen in others here, the response to my blog and what I saw God doing in His people for adoption. Wendy at Focus on the Family was so excited to hear of the heart those in Saskatchewan have for adoption and supporting it. We started the planning right away and now it is just around the corner.

We will be sharing our adoption testimony along with a few other families. It will be the first time we will be sharing it publicly. I just pray that it will honor God and be something that will advance His Kingdom. Please pray for Jon and I as we prepare.

If you are interested in better equipping yourself or feel God pulling on your heart please register on their website If you want to invite others to the event join our facebook event End The Wait and use the "invite friends" button to do so. Come and join us in the movement!

Friday October 19, 2012 at Hope Fellowship Church Saskatoon (809 32nd St W) from 7-9pm. It is completely free to come. See you there.

Just One of Those Moments
Lil'C asks me full of hope, "Is my hair turning black Mommy?" I ever so gently said "No Honey, I'm sorry but it probably won't". He got actual tears in his eyes and said, "Oh okay" then hung his head and wiped his tears away with the back of his hands explaining that it makes him sad and that he just wants to grow up like Big C. Broke mine and A's hearts. We tried to console him by telling him that he will grow up and be like Big C in other ways that don't matter on appearance.

I find it funny that when we thought through adoption we always thought of how we would handle the affects of difference of appearance with our adopted children but never really thought through how it would affect our biological children. And the funny thing is that Lil'C is more affected then the older two. 

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