Thursday, 5 March 2015

How Does a Geek Swap 2015 Work?

Geek Swap 2015 is for anyone who has a fandom they love and would love to get a really fun package in the mail. 

How it works is you first donate a minimum $5 donation to the Knit Together By Adoption Trip GoFundMe page to help support their across North America adoption ministry.  

You will than fill out the registration form picking the fandom you would like to join in. Registration will close March 20, 2015. To make this a great swap and fundraiser our goal is 500 registrations so please share!

On March 23, 2015 you will get your partner's profile and the real fun begins. You get to put together a minimum $20 and at least 3 items themed to your partner's selected fandom (yes you are welcome to go over these requirements if your heart desires to blow the socks off your partner). Be creative, have fun, be unique and even decorate the mailing box! Make sure you send a letter introducing yourself, include your name and IG name or blog if you have one. Feel free to post on instagram teaser hints with the hashtag #geekswap2015 so we can see what everyone is putting together. Mail your package out to your partner by April 16, 2015 also known as Calgary Comic Con opening day ;)

Once that is done you need to have patience and wait for your package to come! This is not a back and forth swap. The person you have will not have you. Someone completely different will. 


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Geek Swap 2015 Registration Form

Knit Together By Adoption Encouragement Trip

'Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another just as you are doing' 1 Thessalonians 5:11 is a calling my husband and I are by faith walking into. We are responding to the call on our lives to support those in the adoption community by encouragement, pray and creating an outlet for those to speak out their hearts and needs. It is one we have already been blessed to do through the social medium Instagram but in the past year have felt God saying to move out to do this in a more face to face way. To take what we do in the virtual realm to the homes of families impacted by adoption, to hopefully encourage this kind of community of support in their communities.

We will be stopping at 18 different locations from Alberta Canada all the way down to Texas US. At each location we will be hosting a two evening event where we will be sharing our personal older child adoption, some teaching on God's heart for adoption and spiritual warfare that comes with adoption also a huge component will be taking the experience of the adopt share we do on IG, Knit Together By Adoption, and doing similar exercises so that participants can share their own story, heart, joys and struggles. Our hopes is through this build connections, cease opportunity for prayer, healing, edifying and fellowship that grows us closer to the Father's heart.

Our journey will start July 2015 and finish end of October 2015 in a trailer pulled by a truck (hopefully LOL as we are still in need of a truck to use ). All of this will be done via out of our own pockets and by your generous donations as we are not feeling called to charge the families hosting. Our hearts are to pour out love, bless those we come in contact with along this adventure and give God all the Glory!