Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lovey Dovey-niss

Because this is my first post of the month of LOVE I thought I would post a lovey dovey post.
Here are a few reasons I am so very thankful to God that I was blessed with marriage at a young age.
©      I got to enjoy the look on people’s faces when they realized I was married and that they either are the same age and can’t imagine being committed to another person for life or they have children the same age and can’t imagine them being committed to another person for life.
©      Shooting a potatoes gun in a field was a normal marital date.
©      We were so young hardly anyone expected us to pop out babies’ right after getting married so we enjoyed our time together as a married couple without the pressures of starting a family.
©      It wasn’t odd at all to have our single or dating friends come over for sleepovers and for us to sleep in the living room. (although I will probably do this forever J )
©      We went to youth and C’N’C nights still.
©      We got to buy our first house together.
©      I was able to be right beside and got to support my husband through most of his secondary schooling instead of his parents.
©      We got to become adults together and make adult decisions together.
©      We got to build the foundations of our life right from our youth years together.
©      We have got the privilege of being witness to each other’s growth in Christ from a youth like faith that comes from our parents into an adult faith that comes out of our own.
©      But I would have to say that the biggest thing I am thankful for is the blessing of having my best friend right beside me in almost all the hardest growth I have had this far in my life and that I will have him there for so many more years.

Went to Grandparent's for some yummy frenchtoast, bacon, and a mountain of fruit. Lil’ C sits down at his plate, eats about two bites of frenchtoast, looks at the bacon and fruit, then tells us he is done but he would like some vegetables. So I cut him up a bunch of cucumber and he ate that instead.

Yep, only wish I would feel that way when I saw frenchtoast, bacon and a mountain of fruit.

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