Sunday, 22 January 2012

A New Addition

Before I get into my entry for this week I wanted to just say a little something first. I am committing to posting an entry by every Sunday night. I am doing this for a number of reasons. One being to give myself some structure and accountability so that I continue to write. Two being that I as a busy mom don’t have whole lot of time to write more than that. Thirdly being that most of you reading this are busy moms yourselves and probably don’t have time to read more than that, especially if you follow a few blogs. Okay now onto my post:

One of the best parts of having adoption in your family is always having your eyes opened to a different perspective on something that may seem to you just mundane. I was blessed this Saturday by just this very thing.

I wanted to have a little one on one time with Big C so I asked him to come along with me that morning to do some errands. We quickly got ready and climbed into the car. As he got into the car he asked me why we have the kennel with us. As I pulled out of the yard I asked him if he could tell me.
“Are we getting another kitten?”
“No” I said.
“Yes. We are looking at two litters today. Your Dad and I have certain things we need in a puppy so I will be picking out which one we are taking home. But I would love for you to be with me and make the puppy feel welcome when we drive home. How does that sound”
“Awesome Mom.”

We needed to drive for an hour before we got to the first place. I loved having this time to chat with just him. This doesn’t happen much when the other two are in the car with us. Usually Big C and A both try to share with me the same story at the same time or they would just prefer to talk with each other then with Mom.   Most of our conversation in the car that day was about Star Wars. I didn’t have much to add to the conversation, only seen the movies once, but it was wonderful to hear him talk with such zeal.

The first litter was tons of fun. 7 little Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd puppies. Big C rolled around the floor letting all of them wildly climb all over him. He would share that he really liked this one then say that he really liked that one. I am sure if he could he would have taken at least three home. Even myself fell for one little girl real hard but after meeting them I realized that they are more suited for indoors and we were looking for an outdoor dog.

We then drove to our second meeting place to meet the other litter. These were 3 Australian Shepherd/Maremma puppies. Oh they were fluffy and definitely had the coat for a great outdoor dog. We had to meet outside at a parking lot so we were only able to hold them. They were all so snugly. Especially the one girl, she would snuggle her nose right under our chins.  Both mine and Big C’s hearts had been won over. I looked at him and said, “She’s the one.” I paid the lady who brought them and asked Big C if he would take her to the car. With a big smile he carried her to the car.

As we climbed into the car to make our way home I got to experience that wonderful different perspective. Big C helped our new little puppy into the kennel and then sat in the seat next to her leaving the door to the kennel open so he could comfort her. As I got the car started I could hear him. “It’s okay. We are going to love you a lot. You’re going to be safe with us.” Big C then looked up at me and shared that he could understand how she feels. He understood how it felt to be separated from your family, unsure why, and be put with a new one. I turned in my seat and told him that it is a really great thing that he could understand what she must be going through and be able to sympathize with her. He smiled and said, “Yeah it is good isn’t it. She is probably scared right now but I am sure in a bit she is going to feel really loved and know we are her family. She’ll just need some time.”

When Lil’ C was about 2. Daddy and him were upstairs in our bedroom. I go up the stairs to join them when I hear Lil’ C say "Ouch Dada". Jon then tells me that all he did is kiss him. Well I then go to show Lil’ C that kissing Dad isn't ouchy at all. As a lean in for a kiss Lil’ C puts his hands frantically towards my face and shouts, "No Mama! Daddy herpes, Daddy herpes!" Instead of Daddy hurt me, his newest learned word at that time. Well to say the least I nearly peed myself from laughter."

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