Tuesday, 10 July 2012

We made it!

Here is a little update on our venture from Aberdeen SK to Fort Saint John BC.

On Sunday morning Zipp woke up about 4:00am. That was our cue to go. Jon got the coffee going, started to pack up the car with the last few bags and loaded the 3 oldest into the car. I fed Zipp, got dressed, grabbed two coffee mugs, gave a prayer and we were off. Left our yard at exactly 4:40am!

All four kids slept for the first 3 hours, well technically it took about 20 minutes to convince A to calm down and sleep cause it's going to be a long ride. Lil'C was the first to wake up but he just sat there watching out his window then about 4 hours in the rest of the crew woke up just in time for a fill up at the gas pump. We had just got to Lloydminster. Everyone got out went to the washroom stretched I fed Zipp and changed her. We gassed up, I handed out the bananas, cereal and milk I packed for breakfast and we were off again.

We listened to 2 Odysseys, Big C doodled with his DVD coloring case, A played with the zany play board and Lil' C just played on his v-reader for the whole morning. They opened the first of Taunta Doreen's surprise bags, Pez! We also sneaked in a round of the Alphabet-memory game. We were able to drive steady till we had to fill up again at Whitecap. Did the same stretch, potty and feed routine. I handed out the buns, jerky and peas I packed for lunch. Got the kids movie screens hooked up and we were off again. Making great time and Mom praising Jesus for the none fussy baby!

Here they are all ready to eat lunch and watch their movies!

We opened our second surprise bag from Taunta Doreen (the twins foster mom). They were yummy chocolate to eat as a treat with their movie. I got to jam out to some of my own tunes as they watched with their headphones on. Now that was a treat. Once the movie was over the kids were happy to open another surprise bag from Taunta Doreen. A toy for each! They played and read the books they got from the library till we stopped at Grand Prairie. This time I let them run around a playground I found while I fed Zipp and changed her. I think A had fun telling the other mom at the playground that she was from Saskatchewan and that we had been driving all day. We gassed up one last time.

Here they are at the park.
After over 12 hours of driving this is the face I see when I go into the back seat to feed her. What a good little traveller she was.

I passed around our supper that consisted of juice, sandwiches, apples and carrots. The last stretch of the drive was the most troublesome. Zipp had had enough and was starting to fuss. But her big brother and sister were amazing help. Talking to her, making funny faces and calming noised to put her to sleep.

At around 7:20 pm we made it to Auntie Mandi's!!!!!! It was such a joy, none of the older kids complained once, Zipp slept most of the way and I wasn't tired once behind the wheel. All I did when we drove into their yard was pray and thank Jesus for the amazing adventure and all his provisions.

So far we are having a ton of fun at Auntie Mandi's house. A is loving on Auntie's dogs and horses. Big C has already crashed cousin Dar's dirt bike. Lil' C has had a ton of fun with his little twin cousin (Dar and Lil'C are only a month apart) and I have been giving super cuddles to my newest niece Blaik (she was born one month younger then Zip).

Thank you all who prayed for our trip here. Your prayers were definitely heard.

Just One of Those Moments

Dar is telling A a story, "Once upon a time there was a princess named Charli and he was SOOO cute."
Auntie Mandi corrects Dar, "Honey, Charli is a prince. Boys are princes not princesses."
A then says, "Oh no Auntie Mandi, Charli is a princess. My best friend from school is a Charli and she is definitely a princess not a prince."

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