Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mom's Car Survival

There have been some big changes in our plans. We are now not going to Calgary and just going straight up to Fort Saint John. This cuts us down 7 hours so we only have to travel 26 hours now.

We will be leaving Sunday July 8th now. This way I can just chill, rest and Jon can spend time with kids for all of Saturday and get going crazy early Sunday morning. We will probably stop somewhere random along the way to sleep and trek the rest of the way Monday.

Thank you all who shared great advice and support. Here is the game plan for our driving.

Reward Bag:

I am going to have a point system that for every hour they are good each kid gets 2 points. They can redeem them at any point in the trip to get something out of the reward bag. Each item in the reward bag will have a curtain amount of points to get that item.

Games to Play on the Way:

· Alphabet-Memory Game (Pick a theme to go through the alphabet by)

· Color Car Race (Each kid gets a color to watch for. They get a point for each vehicle they see that color. End of the set time whoever has the most points wins.)

· “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (Put music on an iPod then have each person pick a song put the head phones on and sing. The rest listen to how well they sing the lyrics.)

· Counting Game (Have a list of things the kids may see and start the counting)

· Can’t lose my Clip (Each person gets a clip. You lose it if you say the designated word or phrase. I think ours will be “How much longer”)

· Fortunately, Unfortunately (One person starts off by say “Fortunately...” the next says “Unfortunately...”. Everyone goes back and forth to make up a silly song. Ex. Fortunately I walked to the store. Unfortunately it was taken over by Pirates.)

· Guess who cause I love you? (Like 20 questions but it must be someone you love, family or friends. Everyone asks the person who is “it” yes or no questions to guess who they love)

· Would you Rather (each person takes turns asking the rest a "would you rather" question and everyone gets to answer.)

Oldest 3 Entertainments:

o 12 hours of never heard Odyssey

o Special packages Big C and A’s Foster mom put together

o Pipe cleaners for jewelry and animal making

o DVD Coloring Case (

o A MadLib for each A (Totally Pink One) and Big C (Star War One), these will be in the reward bag

o A Search and Find Tomas the Train with a dry erase

o Portable DVD Player with two screens plus 4 new DVDs which include Mirror Mirror, Mator’s Tall Tales, The Brave Little Toaster & Animated Star Wars the Clone Wars. Movies will be put in reward bag

o Crayola’s Zany Play Dry-Erase Center

o Homemade i-Spy Bag ( )

o Simone Flash Game

o Making a CD full of upbeat music and one full of Disney songs to rock out to J

o Library Books

Zipp Survival:

o Pumping milk for a couple of bottles

o Several soothers

o Easy to diaper change clothing (onsie with leg warmers)

o Mirror to see her with

o Chew on toys she hasn’t seen yet

o Jitter bug toy she hasn’t seen yet

Car Survival Kit:

· Everyone has a pillow and blanket

· Paper Towel

· Potty

· Toilet Paper

· Sanitary

· Cooler full of water and fresh fruit and veggies

· Snack Bag

· Reward bag full of special treats (mystery skittles, suckers, gum, movies, mad libs, etc)

· First Aid Kit (with Tylenol and Gravel)

Just One of Those Moments
We were driving home from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Logan’s place and lately Saskatchewan has gotten a bunch of storms. Lil’C starts to share that he thinks he is scared of the clouds, sky, wind, thunder, lightning and the list went on. We reassure him that he doesn’t need to be afraid of the weather. He insists that he is and even of the rain, that just started to pour outside of the car. I remind him of our walk in the rain just the day before and how he called it an outside bath.

But the best encouraging comment had to go to Jon, who stated, “Lil’C rain is just God having a big water fight with you but He is always winning.”

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