Friday, 16 March 2012

From pregnancy with no kids to a pregnancy with 3

Well here we are only 2 days away from due date. Looking back on my first pregnancy in 2008 and reflecting on this pregnancy, my second, it has been VERY interesting to compare. Here is a little bit of what I have observed.

1st Pregnancy
2nd Pregnancy
Due Date
December 3, 2008
March 19, 2012
Birthed Date
December 13, 2008
Still to be determined
Knowing Sex of Baby
No but we had a boy
Yes, found out at Christmas we are having a girl
Amount of Kids
 (Lil C age 3, A &Big C age 11)
Where we live
My Parent’s basement
Our Acreage
Yes, we were moving our house and trying to get into it. Didn’t complete till after Lil C was born.
Yes, completely redoing the attic. Dormers, roofing, installation, wood paneling, redecorating.
Complete J
Physical Issues
Sick and throwing up till 7 ½ months. Had horrid rash. No energy but not a big deal cause I could sleep whenever I wanted. Got energy after 4 months.
Sick and throwing up till 6 ½ months. Major back issues from 3 months till end. No energy at all during whole pregnancy and no napping either.
Emotional Issues
Yes but I always do
Yes but I always do.
Dates with Hubby
Almost every second weekend. Aaaah the good old days when we thought that THAT was neglecting our relationship.
Twice in the last 9 months and we barely even noticed when months would go by.
How did time fly?
Having 3 kids around makes a huge difference.
Doing Errands
Was a bit tiring but I could spend hours slowly strolling baby stores.
Is the most exhausting and complex marathon I can do in my day.
Nanning, life group each week, helped with 2 friends weddings, and was in cousin’s wedding party.
Life group every second week and just being Mom.
Packing Labour Bag
Easy, Exciting, and Extremely Organized
Overwhelming and I am still working on it. Packing for 6 people is crazy and complex. Hopefully I don’t forget anything but I have a feeling I might.
Yep and oh the difference it already has made.
24 hours of early labour, 7 hours of terrible back active labour then 5 hours of relaxed epidural active labour. Then holding Lil C in my arms!
I will keep you posted J
Best Part
The anticipation of that little life
Watching the anticipation of 3 siblings who are eagerly waiting to meet their new little sister.


Me: “Lil C, are you hungry for lunch?”

Lil C: “Do you need to feed your baby Mom?”

Me: “Yep!”

Lil C: Pointing to his own belly “Okay you feed your baby and I’ll feed my Jesus.”

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  1. Lovely blog! Great comparison chart... and you are great (with child) too! :)